One of our major problems as believers is that we focus so much on living right(thus following the letter/law) than “being” right(following the HolySpirit). 
It is due to this fact that most of the believers become frustrated after so much trials and failed “self” effort to get it right and thus begin to backslide.
We begin to get it right when we “truly” surrender it all to HIM and hunger/thirst for HIM to take the lead and help us.

It got to a point in my life, I started fasting and praying vigorously for HIM to help me understand the Word rightly while I read it, and not to get confused anymore. HE answered. Matt.11:12
When your “being” is right, you automatically start living right.

It is only via direct/personal relationship with The Holy Spirit that we can have a “factory reset” and thus begin to function aright.
GOD help us all.


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