​#We all pray for GOD’s help. The answer comes in human form mostly. 

#When help comes, it does what you can and cannot do.

#All men need help. This is why an help “meet”- up to standard, has been put in place.  Gen 2:18

#Though, a few has God as their only helpmate due to their life vocation. 1 Corinth 7:7-8

#When you maltreat your “help” in any way, you destroy yourself (you and yours) in return. 1 Peter 3:7

#Foolishness is when you deviate from your role as the help to the “master of the manor” to become “master of the manor” whilst the master is still fully present. Matt 6:24a

The inhabitants (e.g children) of such “manor” will live in a confused state. Acts 19:32

#Don’t perish in your folly. Ecclesiastes 2:13 


*All these relates to man and wife as well as couples and househelps*


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