The Queen’s spirit came at me yesterday, wanting to dialog. 
I told her to “shut up” and “get out”!(words given to me from the mouth of my senior sister’s “3 years old” son while staying with her)➡ I SPOKE THE WORD.

I went out of the room and when I came back in, I saw a “white” cat walking on the roof just across my window(2 Samuel 11:2 {as revealed now, the woman (cat) in this verse was an agent sent to destroy David})

The Holy Spirit told me to go get the “keg of water” given to me in the in the church(~CCC) to drink, ensuring not to allow the white cat see me while I pour it in a cup.

I did as instructed.

He then told me to target and hit the cat with the water I poured in the cup.

Immediately I raised the curtain to do as directed, the cat looked straight at me. I threw the water at it (and all of a sudden, I didn’t see it again).

The cat was quite a distance from me so I was pondering if the water touched it or not…

…The Holy Spirit said “a mustard seed size” of that water is all that is needed to touch the cat, and it did.

The Holy Spirit then explained to me, all that transpired then. 

He said; 

1) You “spoke” The Word to the rock(evil force) as instructed. 

2) You “hit” the rock (evil {force in the body of a} cat) with the water, as instructed. 

Yay!!! *in Moses(Jesus Christ) voice, I say*➡ “Promise land, here I come..”

*To all those still gnashing their teeth, I say “Tis a pity”.*



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