The principle laid down during creation was that inhabitants from the spirit realm and those of the physical realm must never cohabit or see; else, the physical being will perish. Exodus 19:21.

1 Corinth 15:44.

Satan’s cohorts testimony – Jude 1:11

Testimony against ADAM&EVE- 2 Peter 2:12

Jehovah’s cohorts testimony- 2 Peter 3:9

Jehovah pleaded her case in Lamentations 1:9-22 and instead of giving up her creations to perish(go extinct), she suggested giving up her “ruling power” to Satan. (To all those always asking why GOD allows evil to happen; now you know why)

*They also shared THE WORD {Lion&Lamb}; Satan collected The Lion(letter) while Jehovah Yahweh collected The Lamb(Holy Spirit)*
Satan accepted this deal and went on with Adam(witch queen)  to deal with all Jehovah’s creations. Revelation 12:17

These are few of what he did; ☆Romans 1:16-32. 

☆2 Timothy 3:1-8

☆ Romans 1:23-25⬅ Satan swapped the created functions of the humans spiritually; turning them into animals~ (involved in killing each other, gayism, lesbianism, money ritualists, stealing, etc). And the animals, into humans (making them use the bodies of cats and bats and snakes and whatever, to perpetrate evil)

Genesis 3:16- This “rule” brought about Ephesians 6:12 and Revelation 12:9.

Genesis 3:15- is why men never understands women.

Genesis 3:14- is the location of the penis on the man’s body.

“serpent eating dust” happens to do with the opening at the tip of the penis as compared to the vagina; nothing(bigger than dust) can enter the opening.

Why was MAN punished for the atrocities WOMAN committed? Answer ➡ LUKE 12:47-48

“THE WORD” gave the final verdict between Jehovah and Satan, that the ruling power should be relinquished to Satan(since he agreed to that deal) instead of the creations going extinct.

THE WORD(The Lamb came down and connected with The Lion already here) then came to tell Jehovah’s creations to pray with this➡ Matthew 6:13

Revelation  12:11  “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

“The Lamb” (HOLY SPIRIT), “The Lion”(LETTER) of “their testimony”(FAITH).

⬆These are the ingredients needed to collect the ruling power back from SATAN.





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