Have you ever watched the film “JUMANJI”???

Please do. Then, you’ll understand all what is happening to me clearly.

JEHOVAH YAHWEH uses “films” and “cartoons” and “the media” to pass across messages to the world too;

E.g of cartoons; Beauty & the beast, pocahontas, sleeping beauty, tom and jerry, voltron, to mention but a few.

When HIS Spirit talks into someone’s head/mind, we call it “REVELATIONS”.

e.g, the script writer of the film “JUMANJI” had a revelation. 

The JUMANJI book represents THE BIBLE. The kids who picked it up and started reading represents Me.

Prior to all this happenings, I always love singing using The Names of The TRINITY (even when the gospel song doesn’t have The Three Names, I’ll put it in myself)

And In the mornings, I mostly don’t have the time for Bible readings or devotionals so I just kneel and bow down, praising and thanking God The Father, God The Word, God The Holy Spirit. 

Unknowing to me, I was invoking THE TRINITY.




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