Some minutes ago, I was watching a movie on television(ONTV) and not quite long after it ended, a documentary on “Lagos and its culture&tradition” came up. 

They were talking about how the city came into existence and then talked on one of the Yoruba “gods”~ OBATALA.

What the person was saying about OBATALA sounded “scriptural” to me, so I decided to contact “google”.

Here’s what I found⬇😨😰

Obatala – The Sweetest God from Africa

*By Liaquat Ali Khan*
Like Greek, Middle Eastern, and Indian mythologies, the West African mythology offers a sophisticated understanding of creation and humanity. African mythology permeates Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Niger, Ghana, Gambia, and it has been transported through slavery to Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad, Guyana, Haiti and other South American and Caribbean countries. The African mythology, rich in artistic fables and truth stories, offers a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Like Indian Brahma, Olorun (also known as Olodumare or Olofi) is the creator god who crafted the universe. Like Middle Eastern Baal, Chango is the god of thunder and storm. Like Greek Aphrodite, Oshun is the goddess of beauty, love, and sexual ecstasy. A river in Nigeria is named Oshun that flows into Lagos Lagoon.


Obatala, Child of God
The most powerful and sweetest god is Obatala, a universally known deity. Much like Christian Jesus, Obatala is the child of god. Olorun, the father, permitted Obatala, the child, to descend from the heavens, create land over the waters{JOHN 1:1}, and template human bodies from popo (mud and clay). The Qur’an mentions several times that Allah created humans out of clay. (Qur’an 3:49). Science is in the process of establishing that human life first sprouted in Africa; nevertheless, the mythological credit of sculpting the human body is reserved for Obatala.
As there are angels in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions, there are Orishas in the African spiritual tradition. Orishas are divine beings that govern various aspects of human life. Obatala is the godfather of Orishas, such as Chango and Oshun. Just as the Levant is central to the Middle Eastern religions, Yorubaland is central to the African spiritual tradition. And Just as Banaras is a sacred city in India, Ile-Ife is a sacred city in Yoruba. According to Yoruba beliefs, when Obatala descended from the heavens, he first settled in Ile-Ife, founding the mother city of humanity.
Obatala does not have a permanent gender. He is androgynous. He is married to Yemaya, the goddess of oceans and the godmother of Orishas. Free of gender, however, Obatala could be male, female, or neither. This asexuality makes Obatala the god of all human beings without regard to gender. Obatala has no patience for gender fights that break out in human communities.

Likewise, Obatala is free of all colors even though he is associated with whiteness primarily because white light is polychromatic…..

(For more info, visit➡ http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/9817068)

Now, I’m understanding the tower of babel story; confusion of languages{Genesis 11:5-9} better.

Jehovah Yahweh via the help of The Holy Spirit, separated THE WORD; gave the letter{Lion} to some(Buddhist, etc) and the Holy Spirit {The Lamb} to others (Christian  {not all, only those who accepted HIM}, etc), dispersing it to the entire universe…

Now, JEHOVAH YAHWEH is piecing together, the puzzles; the scattered WORD (i.e, revealing mysteries); bringing back the languages together.




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