​The reason you are still being forced to serve God, to do the things of God by spreading the gospel and to sit tight spiritually is because you have not positioned yourself to see from God. you don’t know what he has in store for you and lack access to revelations.

If you have truly seen from God and you have access to revelation, you will need no encouragement to serve God. Rather The passion, zeal and motivation to serve him becomes automatic and you’ll always make use of every available opportunity to be of service to the Father.

Serving God is not a gift, neither is it by force. Rather serving God is a choice which no one can take for you or force you to take. it pays much more than anything on earth. because inside serving God lies divine health, wealth, divine protection, supernatural provision, peace,  rest, access to mysteries and revelations, access to kingdom secret that can make anybody a Star!

The only way to the top is through stewardship, if you can not serve God, you will surely serve something else which will surely frustrate you beyond your expectations.

You can not truly serve God without God serving your needs.

Wake up today, crave for a good relationship with the Father, which gives access to revelation and you will never labour in the wrong direction again. 



##DAY 115 OF 120 DAYS
~ Ayoola Emerald Adedayo.


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