SPIRITUAL “TERRORISTS”{Scribes & Pharisees}.

​*SPIRITUAL “TERRORISTS”{Scribes & Pharisees}.*

Obadiah  1:21

“And SAVIOURS shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD’s.”

The Holy Spirit nudged me today,  reminding me of Nigeria’s OLD Anthem and I noticed that it had “brotherhood”{CULTISM} in one of its lines…

…That Anthem glorified SELF(Nigeria) BUT Jehovah Yahweh, Who had interest in our case in this Nation back then, revealed a better (new) Anthem (one that glorified JEHOVAH alone).

Now, when we see what the terrorists are doing, we get repulsed at such outright wickedness and heartlessness, right?

But what we do not know, or have not come to think about, is that these terrorists are only killing the body. They cannot touch the soul.

“Spiritual terrorists” on the other hand, are most harmful and very very poisonous because they can kill one’s soul. 

They are actually the ones controlling the (physical) terrorists you see bombing themselves and everybody else, with their demonic powers.

Example of spiritual terrorists are; satanists, illuminatis, unbelieving ministers/evangelists(Matthew 23:13){all “christians” are evangelists}, witches, wizards, sorcerers, etc.

*The battle ground now, is your “mind”.  

You win when you choose the good over the evil via the help of The Holy Spirit.*

Remember Satan’s(and his spiritual terrorists) job functions{John 10:10a};

☆ TO LIE: They dress up lies to look like truths, and paints the truth to look like “heresies”. ISAIAH 5:20-24

☆ TO KILL: They kill one’s spirit man by controlling it to fulfill their evils, turning such a person into a “zombie”. 

*This can hinder such a soul from making Heaven if it doesn’t repent and ask THE HOLY SPIRIT for help.*

☆ TO STEAL: They steal your “creation rights” which is fellowship/RELATIONSHIP with Jehovah Yahweh. 

☆ TO DESTROY: On the “great day”{Revelation 16:14~ battling for your soul}, when one is in the grave here, dead, and in Heaven facing judgements, Satan will be there to DESTROY one’s credibility before Jehovah Yahweh. 




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