Wise Advice.

...And then someone advised the writer of the last writeup I shared (titled “worth reading”)

​You are on to the next phase brother.

You will question so many things as you are on a quest to discover the person of God personally. 

The devil will put in some serious fight, and sometimes it will  seem you are drifting away. You will become liberal and try out new things. You will fall pretty hard..

But remember this one truth, God is real (the devil will want you to believe otherwise) the person of Jesus is true, jut like your personal walk with him has always proven

You will come out of this phase and become a true soldier. During this period, give to more praying and study of his word. Dont forsake the gathering of the brethren(your discoveries will want to deter you). In all, remember this one thing, you are already victorious. 


God is preparing his own

~ Mustafa Nurudeen Opeoluwa


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