The Holy Spirit said I should give this message to all the “ministry partners”, i.e, GOD {Jehovah Yahweh} Ministers/Evangelists’ WIVES.

At the end of life; when you’re dead here, and awake in Heaven facing judgements, GOD will award a lot of Ministers/Evangelists’ wives who have made sure that their husbands have the “maximum peace of mind” and “comfort” needed to forge ahead with GOD The Father, GOD The Word, GOD The Holy Spirit’s work here on earth.

And for those always complaining and murmuring (even using the “Altar of God” to do so) when their husbands go out on mission works or evangelical works; hounding them and making their lives miserable, {look at yourselves in the mirror➡ Matthew 25:24-30} that which you already have will be taken from you and you’ll be asked to follow Satan {whom you’ve been working for unknowingly}.

BEWARE! BE GUIDED! “John 8:32”


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