Sin consciousness births Self righteousness. 

​”Sin consciousness” births “Self righteousness”.

Self righteousness is trying to have a right standing with God through your own effort while Sin consciousness is having a consciousness of one’s self as a “helpless” sinner. 

Statements like “we are all sinners” are common around sin conscious people.

Therefore, sin consciousness is what produces self righteousness; it puts the person under pressure to always do the right thing. when such a person fails at his/her effort, you hear this confession➡ “we’re all sinners”.

~ excerpts from time out reading  Olatunji P. Hephzibah and Joshua Ody on Facebook.

“So, what should I then do?”, you ask…

…That’s why The Holy Spirit was sent here (to the earth), to help.

Have a relationship with The Holy Spirit, get real close to Him, and then He’ll help you sort it out. (Remember; It’s not by your own power but by HIS own power {Zechariah 4:6})



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