READ “DEUTERONOMY 27:8”. “ISAIAH 17:13; 30:17”

The Holy Spirit explained in detail to me now, all about what led to the happenings in my life these past few days.

They came at me(a carrier of THE HOLY SPIRIT) in three ways, each from different direction;

Church ~ (worshippers of Jesus Christ / Satan)

Office ~ (worshippers of Jesus Christ & Holy Mary / Satan)

Home ~ (worshippers of Jesus Christ & Holy Mary, and worshippers of Satan{spiritual terrorists})

This got The Holy Spirit in me angry, He woke up(Zechariah 13:7); i.e, took over my body fully, and then began to fight back. Matthew 12:32

The Holy Spirit called their “Gods” (in this three locations) in to question them on what their worshippers did and they all testified.

He also disciplined the “heads” in each of the locations (and other persons involved in a way or the other). Amos 9:1, Jeremiah 46:6,  Amos 2:16; 5:19-20. 

I don’t even know what to say but to thank YOU, HOLY SPIRIT OF THE MOST HIGH JEHOVAH YAHWEH, from the very depth of my being. “Isaiah 35:10”.

Psalms 68:1. Proverbs 28:17. 



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