​#DailyDevotional – Jesus said that every man is given talents according to his ability, as determined by the Master.  You may not have the brilliance of Charles Spurgeon, the power of George Whitefield, the faith of George Mueller, the renown of Billy Graham—but shine where you are.  You are the light of God Almighty in your city.

Walk in the light that you have.  Hold high the torch of the gospel until every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

God has calibrated your watts.  Whether you are a candle glowing softly or a laser beam that can cut the gates of hell off at the hinges makes no difference—turn on the light.  Shine, shine, shine…until the strongholds of iniquity fall!

Does your ministry glow with the anointing of the Holy Spirit?  Is the light of Jesus shining out of your life?

Size doesn’t matter. 

Bethlehem’s manger was not the Marriott Hotel, but what happened in that tiny place turned the whole world upside down. 

A pebble from an Israeli creek killed goliath.  It was an insignificant rock, but we are still hearing the impact of it.

A boy’s sandwiches in the hand of the Master fed 5,000 people.  A donkey preached a three point sermon to Balaam. That comforts me and disturbs me at the same time.

You are the voice of God…the hands of God…the servants of God…the army of God glowing in your city—turn on the light!

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