The love that GOD THE MOST HIGH(JEHOVAH YAHWEH) has, chastens{disciplines} very very well; strengthening the soul and giving LIFE to the spirit.

Satan’s love, on the other hand, smoothers {making you feel good (and petting you with “grace”) while doing evil}; weakening the soul and killing the spirit~ thus turning such a one into a zombie {the walking dead}.

Just the way Satan, through “Islamic mentors”, convinces the terrorists (telling them they’re doing it for the love of “God”{which is “Satan” in reality}) to go and bomb people, creating havoc…

…same way he(satan) uses his men in Christendom as mentors to the zombies who are mostly sent out to bomb{with great lies and evil scheming} anyone that rises up with THE TRUTH against their GREAT LIES, GREED, & DECEIT, creating havoc in such a person’s life.

It is not all men of “God” that have JEHOVAH YAHWEH as their “God”. The “God” of most is SATAN. John 8:41-44; 45-47. Job 1:6; 2:1

So when they start praying in the name of the God of so, so & so human being~ a man like you {and just so you know; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are SPIRITS}, as opposed to praying in the name of any of The TRINITY, be on the look out because you might actually be praying to SATAN unknowingly…

…and SATAN will answer with barreness, sickness, joblessness,  miscarriages, being possessed with all sorts of demon, deadly diseases, lust, greed, covetousness, wealth-madness, etc; which will make you very dependent on (SATAN) the men of “God” for solutions. REVELATION 13:7-9; 1-6.

Remember John 8:32??, YES!!! THE TRUTH~ WORD OF GOD, should SET YOU FREE! not put you in any form of bondage again.

The Islamic terrorists are true to their cause, showing everyone who they truly are.

The Christian terrorists{zombies} are most deadly because they do not show you who they truly are; always hiding behind “holy” facades(masks)~ Matthew 7:15. Isaiah 65:5; 1-7.

To all true believer(Matt.22:14) of THE LORD GOD Jehovah Yahweh, you have been (and is still being) warned expressly in Matthew 10:16, Luke 10:3, and Acts 20:29.

Revelation  12:17 

“And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God{THE LAW}, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ{THE HOLY SPIRIT}.” Revelation 19:10

We still have those who have not bowed their heads to BAAL out there. Are you amongst???

GRACE is still available so there’s still room for repentance… 

…Simply ask Jehovah Yahweh for forgiveness, promising (truthfully) to go through HIS WORD yourself{a.k.a personal relationship} via the help of The Holy Spirit HE will fortify you with. 

Tell Jehovah Yahweh that you really really need His Holy Spirit  (..and ensure not to grieve Him).

In conclusion, I will advice all to be watchful and be vigilant! Satan is devouring as many as he can with so much speed and accuracy now.

Personal relationship with GOD{JEHOVAH YAHWEH} via the help of The Holy Spirit is very very important in the life of any “believer” presently.



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