We (“believers”) are not here to preach denomination, neither are we here to preach “which man of God is best to follow”, No!

We are here to preach THE WORD OF GOD(JEHOVAH YAHWEH). John 1:1.

Like someone rightly said, “Dead men{zombies} do not need religion”.

What they need is THE HOLY SPIRIT. 

Jesus Christ is GRACE personified. And the ingredients of the “biblical” GRACE is “THE LAW + THE HOLY SPIRIT”. Matthew 5:17, Luke 24:44.

Christ also summarized the intricacies of THE LAW in a verse~ Matthew 7:12.

Being “alive” in Christ has to do with being alive spiritually(as you well know, Christ is in the Spirit form presently~ John 14:26,16; 15:26; 16:7).

John  4:24  

“GOD IS A SPIRIT: and they that worship Him MUST WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT and in truth.”

Ofttimes, when the scriptures talk about “being dead”, it doesn’t mean you have stopped breathing. It simply means you’re in a zombie-like{walking dead} state.

Now, you’ll understand better, why our faith☞ which is all about the “unseen”~ ‘spirit’, MUST bud (even if it is as little as a mustard seed). Romans 4:16.

This is so that we as “believers” can come alive spiritually in Christ now through the help of The Holy Spirit our “Teacher”. John 14:26.



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