Don’t get it twisted…

…when JEHOVAH YAHWEH calls ONE MAN, anointing him for exploits, and that ONE MAN decides on his own to raise 50 or 100 or 1000 disciples who are subjected to him, that man is SHARING GLORY with GOD.

☆ If GOD tells His servant to raise 10,000 disciples and these disciples rever him more than GOD, he is SHARING GLORY with GOD.

☆ If GOD tells His servant to lead HIS(GOD’S) people and such people starts pasting/hanging his pictures all around their habitation, some even attaching his name to GOD’s while praying(because some will definitely look at such pictures while praying), such a servant is SHARING GLORY with GOD. 

Learn a great lesson from Moses in Exodus 32:19-33; 34-35, who after GOD told him and he came and saw the golden calf{IDOL} the people constructed, didn’t just fold his hands but took necessary actions to appease Jehovah immediately…

…You might be asking, “should I then go and do same???” Find your answer in “Ecclesiastes 10:10”. 

1 Timothy 4:8, 2 Timothy 3:16

☆ BUT when GOD calls and anoints ONE MAN and that ONE MAN is led by The Holy Spirit to{pass on the baton} raise another ONE MAN who will take over, such a man is “HANDING OVER”.



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