​#DailyDevotional – Satanists that have visited my office made it very clear that they entered Satanism for power.  What kind of power?  Power over yourself, power over others, power over your surroundings.

Regarding identity, it is easy to see how America’s latchkey kids, who have no one to talk to, pray with or hug in a moment of need, to be drawn to the shining serpent who promises love, loyalty and all the fun in the world!

There is a revival of Satanism raging in the streets of America that is sweeping our children into a sewer of drugs, sex, rape, murder and rebellion against all authority.

In 1945, the seven top offenses in public schools were listed as:

1. Talking

2. Chewing gum

3. Making noise

4. Running in the halls

5. Getting out of turn in line

6. Wearing improper clothing

7. Not putting paper in wastebaskets

Today they are:

1. Rape

2. Robbery

3. Assault

4. Burglary

5. Arson

6. Bombings

7. Murder

How did America fall so far in just one generation?  At the rate America is decaying morally, we will soon have to change our national symbol from an eagle to a vulture.  Intellectually, we are in the space age; spiritually we are in the cave age. 

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

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