​#DailyDevotional – People love to say that “quality” time is the key for happy, healthy, well adjusted children.  Others say that it’s the quantity of time that’s important.  Kids will tell you that it’s all the time.  Young kids are like dry sponges in a drought—they can’t soak up enough of your love, they can’t receive enough positive feedback, and you can’t spend too much time with them.  And you’re smart to spend the time—because there will come a time when, if you haven’t been making large deposits in their emotional savings account, you will start writing checks you don’t have emotional equity on deposit to cover.

You invest in your businesses—invest in your family, invest in your kids.  Men, if you have time to golf or to watch a football game, you have time to spend with your kids.

Young girls end up in the arms of the first boy who listens to them, who seems interested in them, who pays them some attention.  Don’t worry, Dad, if you’re too busy for your kids—Satan will find someone to give your daughter love.  He will provide a man of the world or perhaps an experienced woman to answer your son’s questions.  The enemy of their souls will see to it someone is there to provide your children the guidance you are too busy to give.   Like a wolf prowling around the edge of a sheepfold, Satan is always looking for a weak or neglected lamb to steal from the herd. 

As a Christian father it is impossible to justify not spending time with your children.  One hundred years from now, that is what will have mattered the most.

Thank you, Father God, for the man who serves you with all his heart and leads his children in the love and righteousness of the Lord that they, and their children, may receive your manifold blessings.

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