​Jesus showed me something  a few weeks ago after I asked him to reveal nasty sins in my soul that i can’t see that he sees, for Him to clean out and repair.  This may sound inappropriate and dirty but I am going to confess it regardless.   

I was shown a dream of the first sexual masturbation fantasy I committed as a young man.   An exact replay of where I was, what I thought and what I did, all shown to me like a movie including the fantasy.   I was in junior school and at my grandmothers house in the bathroom, this was right after my parents divorce when i was moved there to live with my grandparents.  It was the most depressing time of my life.   Anyways I was shown what I did as a movie and then I was shown like ripples in water.  

Like when a rock hits water and it makes waves that go out,  waves went out and I saw different parts of my life in the past that had this fantasy and sin embedded in it in one form or another.  I saw how these led to fornication, lust and darkness in my spirit and saw how these  memories that would effect my entire life in the worst of ways.    Between the ripples were segments of my life playing.  One movie or memory leading to a ripple then to another movie, next ripple and so on.

I damaged  the pure soul God gave to me.  I saw how this sin repeated itself throughout time to leave sin scars onto my soul, embedding forever into me and impossible to take back.  I felt so scared in the dream of the finality of what I had done and how shocked I was at this damage.  I woke up feeling extreme shame for all of it and the most terrifyingly dreadful realization that I could not undo it, ever.  I thought I wish I had a time machine, could God go back in time?  I thought science proves in theory that time travel is possible but only forward not going back.   But thought that nothing is impossible for Jesus, who knows.  I asked Jesus to take me back in time to fix it.

I spent the next three  hours feeling absolutely disturbed, wicked and totally destroyed.  I could not even pray and each time I tried to say anything the words “sorry Jesus”  came out in tears.   My eyes were in my palm and I could not look at all up due to the pain and regret which was now revealed to me for the first time.   I had asked for forgiveness for these sins and had received it.  But healing is a different story.  So is repair.  He can heal us from the past but repairing the past is a different thing as is forgiveness.

Its too late I cant fix this, “can God go back in time?”  I thought.  I could not sleep due to fear of seeing more, I was so messed up and horrified.  I felt all the scars of what i had done.

Then I slept due to exhaustion from thinking about it.   Suddenly i was in something of a trance.

Jesus spoke.  I heard him speaking clearly.  Each word was like  a wave of love pouring through my soul.  This is where it gets surreal and hard to explain.   I felt my soul open like a timeline.

As if He opened up time and space.   Like a time machine he went into my past and my soul and spoke words into the first sin at my grandmas house.   And the words healed that memory and scar, overriding the memory and changing the past.   I saw the memory or movie repaired.   Then like a BOSS going to work as my soul carpenter repairman, Jesus went to the  repercussion memory and fixed it with the power of His Spoken Word, then to  the next, then to the next.  

Jesus went back into my soul and memory bank and replaced the memories.   My soul seemed like an old cassette tape as he re DUBBED His pure loving words of healing over those memories, covering them up and healing them as if they never were.   

Jesus basically time traveled into my soul and repaired it.

This was not a dream but a trance or vision as I rested between realities somewhere between wake and sleep, heaven and earth, somewhere outside of time and space.

Jesus then gently woke me up as I kept hearing him speaking for maybe five to ten more seconds.   I was fully conscious smiling, healed and full of love and hope.   I felt brand new again like a virgin!  After that moment and to this day and hour,  His voice still echoes in my souls history.  This was a few weeks ago!  The words he sowed are right now i this moment growing like roots throughout all my memories of the past.

Like a tree of love where all my sexual sins used to be.

This was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced.  I just want to publicly tell Jesus how much I love Him and to tell you how much Jesus loves you.   Please go pray deep and long silently entering your mind.   Wait there for him and see what memories or thoughts pop up, do not run away from them, confess and ask Him to repair it but ask from the bottom most part of your aching heart.  

Until we are exactly like Jesus on earth we are not going anywhere later so stop with the false hopes of Jesus whisking you away one day.  Jesus whisks Himself INTO YOU now to fix your soul and get you perfect now.    May the grace, love and peace be with you all who believe in the name of Jesus Christ and may all the saints who have met and received Christ in their flesh be embedded like stars into the Kingdom of Light which is already taking up souls to heaven, even as they live and breathe in their flesh in the world in his life.   

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that if anyone here asks for this repair for themselves that Jesus grants them the answer to their prayer!  I ask this in Jesus name to be done and by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of the Everlasting Father God who is the Father of us all.  All glory and praise to Him and to our God Jesus Christ!! Amen.



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