​He came to His own, His own and his own rejected Him. Most do not HAVE the Holy Spirit IN THEM, most believers do… those who feel so much guilt for sins and confess to Jesus asking Jesus forgiveness or the Father of Jesus in Jesus name…. the Muslims and all people have the Spirit “with them” not “in” them nor :upon them” –

– Those who believe have the Spirit “in them” and “with them” — yet again those who stopped all sins and died to desires of the flesh asking Jesus to come to them from heaven to see Him receive the Spirit soon after they prove themselves by not sinning anymore for a time and letting all desires die… then the Spirit comes “UPON THEM” in bodily form and they have exactly what Jesus had on earth.

So there is the Spirit “with” a person. Its upon all people (not in bodily form as He was with Jesus) but with all people. Holy Spirit is “With” and “IN” all believers. Those who stop sins asking to see Jesus and be perfect receive the Spirit “UPON THEM” as Jesus did in “bodily form” and have the glory of the Father revealed “upon them” fully… they are most Holy of all and will be a part of the 1st Resurrection, you want in to the First Resurrection?

Sin no more waiting for Jesus to come to you from heaven per 1 Peter 1:13, Acts 1:11, 1 John 3:2-6 and John 14:18-23. BUT You might have to suffer death to your spiritual mind first with FIRE before His comes into yours. Anyone feel lightening fire in their brains? That is Satan and He shall fall like Lightening from your mind before you see and receive the Spirit and Mind of Christ. All this is after you receive the Holy Spirit “in” you and stop all sins of the flesh and eagerly desire Jesus to appear to you from heaven, getting excited and zealous for His coming to you and not allowing your heart to stop being excited until He comes “upon” you.

Love you all people!!!



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