The “Zombie” Syndrome.

​I’ve seen people who perm their hair just to look like Pst. Chris.

Some fake humility(“acting” all humble) to look like Pst. Adeboye.

Some even wear eye glasses and stretch their arm while preaching, to look like Pst. Poju.

Others, just from their intonation, you’ll know Pst. Oyedepo had a hand in their ministry.

And to make matters worse, someone said “these people are not “zombies”, they’re only appreciating their heroes”

Really? Christ died on the cross to create “world heroes”? As opposed to John 17:16; 15:19???

Jehovah Yahweh took out time to mold and create YOU, Yes! YOU, to “LOOK AND ACT” LIKE HIM{THE ALPHA&OMEGA}” (not look and act like a fellow MAN LIKE YOU)



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