Listed below, are evidences that you’re attending a “cult gathering” and not a “church”.

  • The “church” has a “Board of Directors”{a.k.a church managements} whose verdicts or decisions or opinions, overrides that of the head pastor/general overseer.

  • You are not allowed to question “church managements” and You must obey the “Man of God” even more than God Himself.

Failure to abide, you’ll be hearing words like; “If you cannot love/obey the man you’re seeing, how can you obey/love The God you cannot see?” {Be watchful, be vigilant! This saying is inspired by SATAN} I’m sure the serpent would have used same line on Eve and Adam in the garden then.

  • Time for asking scriptural questions is stipulated to some services where there are fewer congregation due to it being a “work” day. 

No time for asking scriptural questions{which will SAVE LIVES} during “sabbath day” service where there are larger congregation. Luke 6:9

  • When you start asking indepth questions on “The Word of God” to get better understanding, you start stepping on the entire “church management’s” toes. Thus, you remain a “milk drinking babe” for life. 

*If you’re not getting a deeper knowledge of “The Word of God” and you’re only getting “handed down to   me knowledge” or just mere translation of the English Language the scripture is written in, you are not going to grow spiritually.*

  • Any avenue/attempt to seek for more clarity is swept under the rug of “you’re arguing”.

  • Anytime you share rhematic scriptural words amongst “brethren” without first seeking the authority of the church management, you’re termed PRIDEFUL. 

And when you begin to gain more apt listeners, you’re either “transferred” or “your life is threatened” or both (just because the “church managements” fear that you’ll start your own ministry and thus carry away with you, their “affluential” congregation).

  • Only the Head Pastor’s / church management’s ideologies(even those opposed to The Word of God) is right and thus taken as “the ten commandments”. Matthew 15:14

  • NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH OR LIBERTY; you must join a clique, where one of the church mgts “monitoring spirits” would have been stationed to keep a close eye on you and failure to join a clique will result to them sending “an informant” in the guise of a “friendly sister” or “friendly brother” to be your close friend} Galatians  2:4-5. 2 Corinth 3:17

Luke  4:18  

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, TO PREACH DELIVERANCE TO THE CAPTIVES, and RECOVERING OF SIGHT TO THE BLIND, to SET AT LIBERTY them that are bruised,


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