​Pioneers are not understood, accused, slandered, many times marked as heretics in their own generation.  But pioneer they must, for it is in their spiritual DNA.  Living in the status quo would be their demise.  

They are not afraid to embrace what God is saying and doing as their eyes behold the next horizon to be conquered.  These spiritual pathfinders are daring as they release present truth to a generation that has grown stale and lukewarm in the things of God. They know that eventually those who are hungry will begin to take hold of what they have plowed for! 

They are not afraid of hardship and danger for they have an understanding that it is necessary in order to open up new territory and release what is burning in their hearts.  They have given their all to the one who called them to this assignment and though they love people, they care nothing for their opinions nor traditions. They are consumed by the fire of The One who gave Himself for them and all else has fallen away.

These way makers know that without their faith and obedience the church will become a funeral parlor full of dead men’s bones.  But they are not prideful for theirs is a labor of love without the praise of men.  Once others discover the truth of what they carried they have already moved on with the prophetic vision of The Lord blazing within them. 

Acts 13:36 says David served His own generation by the will of God – Lord give us pioneers after your own heart!

~ Tina K. Baker.

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