##DAY 029 OF 120 DAYS 

If you won’t obey God,  nothing will change in your life, STOP BEING RELIGIOUS, BE REAL!

God does not reward positions, He rewards contribution. God does not reward status, He rewards service. He does not reward age, He rewards input. 

God does not owe you anything, but you owe Him obedience for your desired change of position. There is no respect of persons with God.

If you won’t take the responsibility He is asking you to take, you will live as a liability all the days of your life.

If you like, sit down and keep complaining and abusing God, it doesn’t move Him and it doesn’t affect Him. God will always be God no matter what. 

If you complain that things are not working for you, What are you doing to make things to work for yourself is the question to ask yourself? 

Honestly there is nothing we are told to do that is to God’s benefit or profiting; every instructions of scripture is to our own benefit and profiting, there is no accusation against God from you that will change your position, all you need to do is to reposition yourself and let me see the devil that will stop that your turnarounds.

There is no substitute for obedience, not even violent prayers because the scriptures can never be broken, but if you don’t change your position and all you are doing is ceremony and politics in church, gossiping, chatting, looking for big men to date in order to collect their money,  looking for fine girls who are working class to take advantage of in church, then you are wasting your time and will remain grounded. 

You may have been a Christian and in the church for 30 years, that will not change your story and is not what will make things to work for you. the question is where are the proofs of your Christlike identity?


Celebrating your status even as a pastor, Deacon, elders will not change your story, what changes your story is how well you position yourself to obey God.

God is to take over the battle of the obedient ones and polish them,   furnish them and lift them up.

Today as you go into His presence, why not reason with yourself and take a personal responsibility of readjusting?




##DAY 029 OF 120DAYS



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