​Stay on your lane Morin! 🕴

Have you ever wondered why in the wisdom of God 4 different people wrote the Gospels? 🤔

Couldn’t just one person have written it and that would have been it? 

Infact I found out that 2 of the writers were not one of the 12 disciples that actually walked with Jesus while on earth:Mark and Luke.

 I found out something interesting :

Matthew was an accountant and his accounting skills showed in the detailed manner in which he wrote it. Always referring to what was said by the prophets in time past and juxtaposing it with its reality in the life of Jesus. 

Matthew showed us the ROYALTY of Jesus

Mark was a younger disciple who didn’t exactly walk with Jesus but was close to Peter. He showed us the SERVANTHOOD of Jesus. He wasn’t as detailed as Matthew, neither did he quote many scripture. But one thing stood out with this gospel-  it was from a non Jewish perspective.

Luke on the other hand was also not one of the 12 disciples and probably didn’t know Jesus when he walked on earth. But he was a Doctor(possibly why he recorded the most healing stories of Jesus). He accompanied Paul on some of his missionary journeys, and both Luke and Acts were written to 1 man -Theophilus, who was a non jew. Luke brought out the HUMANITY of jesus. He was the only writer who showed us the very beginning of Christ.  His birth and how he grew as a boy. 

Lastly is the Gospel according to John. John had always been different, He was the closest to the lord. He wrote about the DIVINITY of Jesus.  He was the only one who mentioned about being bornagain and about the woman by the well. He was the only one who recorded jesus’s first miracle.The only one who spoke extensively about the Holy spirit.  

God inspired all 4 of them differently to write about the same person, their personality and profession played a huge role. 

Don’t let your inadequacies shortchange you from being a blessing. Everyone is gifted differently but at the end of the day it’s to profit ALL.

Each person is given something to do that shows who God is:Everyone gets in on it, everyone benefits.1cor 12v7 MSG




~ Osunmakinde Morin. 


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