You are hungry. You have actually been hungry for “more” for a while now. Then this is your invitation. It is time to begin to experience in deeper dimensions the prophetic power of the scriptures. You have heard about it, seen it operate in the lives of a few, and perhaps experienced it personally in some measure. Now it’s time to delve deeper, into a more personalized experience of His word fulfilling itself in your life.

When you meditate on these things and give yourself wholly to them, your profiting becomes apparent to others. They see the results in your life. I am not talking about the satisfaction of your carnal curiosity with doctrinal statements and positions for the sheer sake of argument. It’s okay to seek to know what is right, and it’s fine to always want to be right.. But knowing the Lord as your righteousness beats everything else. That is how those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are filled.

Christ Himself is the doctrine of life. No other teaching is more important, than to know Him in His resurrection power. He is the Truth that you must know, the Way you must follow. Knowing Him is much more than knowing about Him. This is more than just sitting around and contending over doctrine. With Him there is no controversy. He leads us and feeds us, and He restores our souls, as we plunge into His river and drink to our hearts satisfaction.

When we begin to experience Him in depths, we begin to understand more the things that are excellent, the things that truly matter. And we waste less time on the mundane things that only satisfy our natural and carnal desires. We experience freedom and rest, because we would have entered into His works. Night comes when no man can work, but in Him, the Dayspring from on high rises on us. And we enter into His own works as we rest from our labors.

We enter into His unforced rhythms of grace from the platform of private communion with Him. Only from that secret place will things open up on the outside according to the desires He has worked within us, to will and to do. As we delve deeper into His prophetic influence over us, we become less afraid of our desires, and His desire becomes our will. But first we must ask, seek, and knock the door. Surprisingly, we will find out that He too has been knocking the doors of our hearts, and yes! We discover something amazing: God is more eager and willing and desirous to give us His kingdom, much more than we even want it ourselves.

Are you ready? He has been waiting for you, for a very long time. He said in His word, if you choose to believe, “all things are yours”

So, go in with Him….

~ Ovo Okpubuluku. 


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