Crossing the Atlantic in a Bathtub?

​Crossing the Atlantic in a Bathtub?

How does one become a Christian and know God without fear? There are so many current answers – mostly cross-currents, every opinion claiming to be as good as anybody else’s. 

That means they are all equally unsafe and fragile bathtubs to launch out on the Atlantic of eternity. 

A fatal bias bends us off-course. The nightmare proof of it comes with every news bulletin. Thinkers and religionists despair of sin as incurable except Christianity. Believers enjoy a liberation and an unmistakable consciousness of Divine forgiveness. 

To prove you are a Christian a christening certificate is flimsy evidence, like the fig leaves the first sinners, Adam and Eve, wore to meet God. Leaves won’t cover our moral nakedness, nor paper leaves, testimonials, CV records, church membership cards, letters of recommendation nor our final obituary notices. We Bible-believing Christians are united to this Scripture teaching, that social standing, church membership, Christian work, generosity, sacrifice or any other self-effort never admit us to the Kingdom of God. Virtue brings no complimentary ticket. 

Positive and objective assurance comes solely by the life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus our Lord. His work alone brings us into a happy relationship with God. We are not nice people a bit dented that can be touched-up, have a few unsociable habits painted out and restored to showroom condition. “We are rebels that need to lay down our arms”. Christ’s work was a shattering breakthrough. His triumphant cry on the cross reached the heights of heaven’s throne, rent the rocks, ripped open the Temple veil, and brought an earthquake in Hell. He made the impossible possible. We can be ‘born-again’ as “New creatures in Christ Jesus.” How? “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. Do it NOW. Dare to share. God bless you. 


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