The simple difference between the Whites and Blacks which makes the whites move at a jet speed rate and makes them keep shining ahead of the blacks is that the whites will always put their minds to work, they will always search for knowledge…

They believe failure is not a death sentence but an opportunity to learn, try again, improve, and progress.

80% of the whites don’t depend on their certificates as the only way to make it in life the way 95% of Africans depend on their certificate and violent prayers as the only gateway to success in life, infact white folks don’t even pray as violently as we do “without reasoning” in Africa because they have one of the keys that control success which is putting their mind to work.

But a black man will refuse to put his mind to work and keep relying solely on prayer saying “with prayer all things are possible(that is true)”,

 Yet, God clearly said “come let us reason together”. Reasoning involves putting your mind to work, seeking for a way out with God’s help.

A black man will refuse to take responsibility thinking prayer is the only key he needs to land a giant breakthrough. Your prayer without putting your mind to work is the beginning of failure. 


That is why despite our mountain to mountain prayers almost every minutes, Africa still remains very backward and a planet where corruption, suffering and poverty are at the highest level. Why?  We rely so much on religious activities, violent prayers, and have refused to put our minds to work. 

We fail to discover the responsibility that is needed to be taken in order to land that breakthrough that we desire.

Your mind is a battle ground as well a victory ground.

It is your breakthrough land and until you start putting it to work, You are not qualified for greatness.

Enough of running from pillar to post, from one miracle mountain to another; no one is doing you, you are the one doing yourself.

Why not sit down and start putting your mind to work? Inside your mind lies your success,  victory, job, testimonies and all good things of life.

God will always relate with you there and you need your mind to be active to even claim you love God or relate with Him (Luke 10 vs 27).

Wake up!




##DAY 062 OF 120DAYS

~ Ayoola Emerald Adedayo


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