​I’ve been hearing the rhetoric,” #timeToTakeOver,” forever!

I’ve said it too myself, but you better know what you’ve been called unto, rather than be misled with the false notion of a #takeover before Satan’s time is up.

It was the mistake Judas Iscariot made, thinking Jesus came to take over this world, when He only came to save us from this world.-Galatians 1:4.


As light and salt of the world, our duty is to draw men to Christ, proclaiming His Kingdom, which is NOT of this world.-John 18:36.

Don’t go and wound yourself, meddling with Satan, in the misguided notion of taking territories from him.

Satan’s tenancy is not over yet, you won’t take any gate of this world from him until his time is up.

Understand the mystery of #occupyingUntilHeComes;

We are a Kingdom within a Kingdom,

We are a type of Goshen, inside Egypt;

The government of this world under Satan’s rule is Egypt, while the Ecclesia of Christ is Goshen.

We occupy Goshen until our Redeemer returns to finally and completely take captivity captive.

Imagine GOD planning to take Israel out of Egypt (this world), but Israel is busy buying up real estates beyond Goshen, where’s the sense in that?

If the MOST HIGH distinguishes you in a chosen field or career, by all means SHINE.

But there’s no mass TAKE OVER of believers happening in this damned world before Jesus returns.

Things are so going to get worse before the End!!!

Put on the whole armour of the Lord therefore,

Look, the Antichrist is about to rise.



~ Kenny K’ore 

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