​Jesus overcame this antagonist and enemitious world in bearing witness to the truth of His Father until death. The antagonism from this Satan controlled age couldn’t derail or make Him cower . This overcoming of the opposition of the world culminated in death. 

Now He makes us witnesses to the Truth and assures us that the victory with which He overcame the mad bitter and malicious opposition of the world is ours. That we would have troubles just like He did from the world but that we should be assured in Him as one who had gone before us in victory over the world. 

The early Church embarked on this mission of being His witnesses and boy, did they meet the fierce opposition from this world? They did. 

Did they overcome? They did. How did I know? They DIED faithful and true to Jesus just like Jesus DIED faithful and loyal to His FATHER. 

Staying true and loyal even until DEATH is what it means to overcome. 

To be defeated is giving in and abandoning Christ because you love your life instead of denying yourself and hating your own life. 

Overcoming has nothing to do with the Harlot’s desire to rule this world before Her King who is sitting In patience until His Father makes His enemies His foot stool.

Many so called Christians have taken territories as defeated men.”-Oscar Nzeh.

When He said, occupy till i come, and  make disciples to me, these is not indicative of a christian mass take over of the banking industry, or entertainment, or political industry etc.

He simply asks us teach people to accept the person, principles, and priority of the man called Jesus the Christ, guide them into RELATIONSHIP WITH DIVINITY, and GET OUT OF THE WAY!



~ Kenny K’ore 

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