With each passing day, I am becoming even more convinced of one thing: the Christian faith is more than a mere academic exercise. It is Life, in it’s most transcendent essence, manifest inside our mortal bodies. It is the most valuable treasure ever, hidden in earthen vessels. It is God Almighty, revealed to us in and as Christ Jesus, residing in our bodies by and as the Holy Spirit. It is the Eternal one, choosing to rest on our temporal lives in order to create something beautiful that overlaps between the created world and the Uncreated One.

Christianity is the fleshing out of God’s eternal purpose within the portals of time itself. It is the Alpha and the Omega, reaching out to us, and bringing us into a place where He dwells. It is God, reaching out from eternity into time, and causing  both the past and the future to converge into an everlasting present. It is God’s invitation to His creature mankind to enter into the “everlasting dance”, an inside scoop into the inner workings of His sovereign majesty.

Christianity is God, eternally purposing and deciding to reside with man, and to forever remain a man. And all that grand design is made possible by the work of God, and the man whom God eventually became: The Son, Jesus Christ. This Christian Life all begins and ends with a relationship with this Man Jesus. He is the Son, the Word, the Everlasting Father, and the Life-giving Spirit, He is he glory of God’s creation, one with the Father, whose going forth has been from everlasting. 

By His death, He took sin captive, and opened the doors of God’s kingdom to all who would believe and obey His gospel. By His resurrection, He released life in all of it’s beauty and abundance to all who would receive Him. Afterall, He is but a personification of Life. He released us from captivity, gave us sight and invited us to seat with Him as co-heirs, inheriting the Kingdom of God, which will cover every inch of the created universe, eventually. He is the one who is the same yesterday, today and forever, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

Friends, beyond all the academic and intellectual exercises, it is paramount that you know this Jesus personally. Let Him become your personal person. Let your sole allegiance be to Him, and not to anything else. Not to a particular denomination, or doctrinal emphasis and school of thought. Not to any political or religious ideology and agenda. Not to any leader or preacher or teacher. Not to your family or even to yourself. 

If you let go all these and make the Son your one and only affection, you will in good time find true meaning and satisfaction in everything else. He wants to be, and He has to be the One your heart is beating for, the One who becomes your one holy passion and pure obsession. Let Him possess you through and through and you shall be free from all oppression. Get to know Him, love him, serve Him, worship Him, and wait patiently for Him. And when He returns, you shall be like Him, seeing Him face to face as He is. He is the manifest Son today. When He comes, he shall cause you to be manifest, even as He is.

He is the only person worth it all. Let us look to the Son, and hold Him in the highest esteem.


~ Ovo Okpubuluku.

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