​Just because you’re praying, it doesn’t mean you are fellowshipping with The Father. To fellowship is to commune with one another, to love one another, to share with one another.

Most christians spend SO MUCH time praying…however all they do is ask The Father for blessings and demanding Him for things and repeating their prayer points daily non stop until they get what they want. This is NOT fellowship, this is called COMPLAINING!

Just because you’re on your knees for 2 hours a day praying, it doesn’t mean you are growing in God. The key to success and to live the life HE HAS PLANNED FOR YOU, is to fellowship with The Father, not nag Him and complain all day to Him. Learn to love on Him, seek Him, hunger for Him, run after Him, love Him with all your being, heart and soul with all your might! Stop treating Him like His a stranger, my goodness it breaks my heart even writing this….

So many of my beautiful brothers and sisters around the globe go to church to sow seeds and you give your tithes and first fruits in order so that God will BLESS you…What loving father would need their children to give him something in order to look after His children? If your earthly father who is wicked, who is not holy and not perfect can give good gifts to you…what more your heavenly father? Why do you allow doctrines to rob you of your relationship with the most wonderful person in all existence? 

I know many of you will throw at me so many scriptures about needing to sow seeds and I feel so sorry for those who are trapped in that understanding. Because it’s the same revelation the Pharisees had when Jesus was on the earth. You must understand who God is…HE IS YOUR FATHER! When you come to give an offering because you THINK it’s the only way to get Him to do something for you. Do you really think your offerings are making Him happy? It’s actually doing the complete opposite and it’s hurting Him so very much! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I never said there is anything wrong with giving offerings to The Father. But the problem is that 95% of people when they give offerings. It’s not out of pure LOVE FOR HIM, but rather because they are in NEED of something and want something from HIM. That is what I’m talking about and that is what breaks His heart so so so so MUCH! 

So please I beg you, free yourself from religion and seek Him because you love Him. I mean how can you think your offering is what moves Him to do something for you? WHEN HE GAVE US HIS SON JESUS, TO DIE FOR US WHILE WE WHERE STILL SINNERS! He gave us the most precious gift in existence for FREE. And you think your offering is what makes God move for you? no, no, no, NO it’s not your offering that moves Him or causes Him to bless you or give you something…..IT’S HIS LOVE FOR YOU!


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