John 10:27  “My SHEEP hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:”

You know why Christ always refer to His own as “Sheep” (singular) and not sheeps (plural)?

It is because He relates with His own INDIVIDUALLY and sees each as an extension of Himself (John 14:20). Acts 2:3
He created John this way and Tina that way and thus relate with each accordingly.

Remember, EACH individual (not collective) will stand to face judgement so doing “church” is definitely not going to help you on THAT DAY.

Christ communicates with His own now via The Holy Spirit.

And the preachers tell you that The Holy Spirit is residence in you when you genuinely give your life to Christ and yet, you still can’t hear Him speak to you or feel Him leading You…

…one or all of these reasons could be why;
1) You don’t understand what “giving one’s life” entails so you didn’t genuinely give your life.
You gave a part of your life.

2) Just like Samuel, when HE spoke, you ran to tell your pastor/”spiritual parent” who instead of telling you what to do rightly (like Eli told Samuel), decided to be a stronghold/stumblingblock ~ telling you “I don’t want you to suffer what I suffered, blah, blah, blah….” and thus became “the voice”(of deceit) in your life, making you tune out The Voice of The Holy Spirit.

3) You believe deeply that you’re “forever saved” and so started serving God and Mammon. And because THE MOST HIGH GOD doesn’t share His glory, He left you to your devices. ROMANS 1:28.

4) You know your belief system is wrong but have chosen to go with the masses. Hosea 4:6

If you fall under any or all of the above category, this is the time for you to genuinely repent and seek GOD by yourself. Hunger and thirst, and you shall surely be filled. Matthew 6:33.

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