Be carried into the miracle-zone…

Feeding the Five Thousand: The disciples dared to do something that looked ridiculously impossible – starting to distribute a handful of breadcrumbs. They could have stood beside Jesus and done nothing, or prayed for him to do something somehow. That would have been so familiar.

People pray for the Lord to work when what he wants is for us to work. What use is it going to one prayer meeting after another to pray for power if you never do anything that needs power?

What good is it to spend twenty-four hours a day in prayer, if your prayers are steeped in disobedience and unbelief? We can give way all too easily to the fear of failure, the devil’s constant temptation.

We try to be logical about the small piece of bread we have. Unfortunately, that will not get us very far; faith does not come by logic.

You do not need a university degree in theology to believe. Omnipotence only flows through hands that distribute bread. Obedience is the vehicle, which carries believers – even timid ones – into the miracle zone. Are you ready? God bless you and please share.