You Are Exhausted…
…because you have allowed the society to put you under extreme pressure… 
Pressure to go to varsity. Pressure to get a job after leaving varsity. Pressure to get married. Pressure to stay married. Pressure to have children after getting married. Pressure to drive the latest car. Pressure to live in a mansion. Pressure to travel overseas for holidays. Pressure to show off your marriage as heaven on earth. Pressure to send your children to the best schools. Pressure to be an angel to your in laws and not be yourself. Pressure to go to gym and look fit like others. Pressure to dress well. Pressure to eat African food with cutlery. Pressure to date the hottest girl or guy in the neighborhood. Pressure to belong and be accepted. Pressure to be sexy and not cheat. Pressure to act civil in the face of provocation. Pressure to use the latest gadgets. pressure to post your location on facebook. 
Pressure to be seen as a perfect person. Pressure to please everyone but yourself. Pressure to smile in an abusive marriage. Pressure not to leave an abusive relationship lest you be called a divorcee. Pressure not to drop out of a university course lest you be called a failure. Pressure to fake happiness lest society thinks you have the worst life. Pressure to be religious. Pressure to talk down on grace lest you be seen as weak. Pressure to read my posts and not share because your pastor warned you to stay away from me. 
So much pressure on one person. This is why you are exhausted. This is why you are burnt out. away from me. 
You can’t be everything to everyone. Be one thing. Be you. 

You need REST. 

Rebel against your pressures to have pleasure. 

~ Charles Awuzie.