It’s hard to be a loving church when God is painted as a type of a wicked african deity.

If men preach that our God is bipolar, what more do we expect from His church?

If our God is greedy and keeps asking for more money, no matter how much we give, why won’t the world love better than the church?

If our God shows favouritism as some have said, why won’t the world be better than the church?

Denominations and personalities have hijacked the church… And they decide who to love and not to… Denominations teaches members to kill their enemies; and to blames others for their woes.

If the church must love again, it must start from Individuals. #PersonalRelationshipWithGODIsKey 

If the head and heart of every individual is good, then a loving church can emerge.

Alas! the world loves more than the church.

But GOD, loves more than the world.

~ Linson Abah.