The Golden Calf.

There is an intriguing parallel between the Old Testament and the New Testament, which is why although the Church is no longer bound to the Old Testament Laws, there’s a lot we can learn from GOD’S dealings with the Israelites.
For example; The Israelites are made up of 12 brothers, and Jesus had 12 disciples.
Also just like GOD used Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt, 

Jesus is saving the Church from this world’s system (spiritual Egypt).
This is the Apostasy of the #FalseChurches, that they’re returning the people back into spiritual Egypt, just like the Israelites returned to Egypt in their heart, provoking GOD.
Also, just like the Israelites in the wilderness got tired of waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain, and so got #Aaron (The Chosen priest of GOD; the first Levite) to #make them a golden calf (Baal/Satan);
So also the Church is in the wilderness, and many christians are tired of waiting for Jesus to return from Heaven,

So they’ve gotten the #Pastors (even some of the genuine ones) to teach them what their itchy ears want to hear.

The golden calf of the churches is the prosperity theology.
Just like there was a separation between the people when Moses eventually returned, (those who are for GOD from those who are for Baal);
So also there would be a separation in the churches, (those who’ve been investing in the Kingdom of GOD, and those who’ve been #prostituting with the world because of #money.-Revelation 17).

~ Kenny K’ore.