Deborah’s Testimony.

THE DAY THE LORD WOKE ME UP WAS THE DAY I QUIT BEING A "CHRISTIAN." For me, I wasn't sure what to call myself as I was being convicted to draw in closer to my Savior, Jesus. I no longer wanted to be called a Christian, as most of the world refer to themselves as… Continue reading Deborah’s Testimony.


🍭🍭THE LUKEWARM SUGAR-COATED "CHURCH'S" 🍭🍭 EVER WONDER WHY YOUR PASTOR IS SILENT ON IMPORTANT ISSUES INCLUDING THE πŸ‘‰TRUE GOSPEL?πŸ‘ˆ Most churches in America have been paid by the government to muzzle Biblical truth.  Churches were added to section 501c3 of the tax code in 1954. You can thank senator Lyndon B. Johnson for that. Johnson… Continue reading END TIME HAPPENINGS.

Who is an “Antichrist”?

Who is an "antichrist"? It is anyone who has placed him/herself on the pedestal of Christ; - Where people would rather pray "in the name of the God of _pastor so so so_" rather than pray in the name of Christ. - Where one has placed him/herself as the "middleman" or "mediator" between GOD and… Continue reading Who is an “Antichrist”?


When Joseph Caiaphas stood up in the Sanhedrin there was hate and jealousy in his heart. He was the High Priest of the Temple of Israel. And there had arisen a man in Jerusalem and its environs who threatened his vaulted position. A man who people called the true High Priest of Israel. The Messiah.… Continue reading PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT.


Let me quickly share, as revealed to me now, what these "church occults" a.k.a "men of God" do. You would have noticed that when some are about to start their own ministry (or have started and it's not booming), they go pay "homage" to the ones already in the business. What then happen is that… Continue reading CHURCH OCCULTS.


 John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, while on earth, encountered two kinds of religious sects - the Pharisees and Sadducees.  THE PHARISEES: The Pharisees were a conservative orthodox sect. They were keepers of the law and traditions who, in their orthodoxy, had lost the love for God, gratitude to God, and everything that showed zeal… Continue reading BEWARE OF TODAY’S PHARISEES AND SADDUCEES.

Why Don’t I Support Modern Church?

The megachurches are mega-jokes. They are facade for the New World Order and simply clowns entertaining sheep. They promote the popular Pastor mentality and present a watered-down gospel to keep people appeased.  Many independent churches use mentors of megachurch leaders for how to build a following and promote a bigger presence for community attraction, and… Continue reading Why Don’t I Support Modern Church?

Men of Like Passions…

No human being on earth is better, holier, more righteous, more anointed or more special than YOU before God. The same Blood that washed their sins also washed your own sin. It's not like Jesus died for some people while a goat was slaughtered for others. We all are equally saved, equally graced and equally… Continue reading Men of Like Passions…


John  16:31 Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe?   16:32 Behold, THE HOUR COMETH, YEA, IS NOW COME, that YE SHALL BE SCATTERED, EVERY MAN TO HIS OWN, 'AND SHALL LEAVE ME ALONE': and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.   16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in… Continue reading LEAVING “CHRIST” ALONE; THE ERROR.


IN THIS END-TIME, 'MEN OF GOD' ARE ON A MISSION TO LEAD THE CHURCH TO LUKEWARMNESS - THE LAODICEAN EXPERIENCE.... This is why most of them have this inordinate focus on the so-called PROSPERITY GOSPEL! It is a satanic plot to get us to EXACTLY the same lukewarmness with our Laodicean brethren (Revelation 3:14-22), where… Continue reading THE LAODICEAN EXPERIENCE.