Why Don’t I Support Modern Church?

The megachurches are mega-jokes. They are facade for the New World Order and simply clowns entertaining sheep. They promote the popular Pastor mentality and present a watered-down gospel to keep people appeased. 

Many independent churches use mentors of megachurch leaders for how to build a following and promote a bigger presence for community attraction, and build their church. 
Churches hold community clubs to house entertainment and breeds cliques. 
Some Pastors believe themselves the only qualified to have the gifts rather than edifying and encouraging gifts of the rest of the congregation. Their sermons are one-sided and do not allow interaction (besides an occasional blurtout of an “amen”. 
The pastors keep dependency on them rather than nurture and mature the believer for effectiveness. They keep them on milk to keep them feeding. The pastor is lifted up on an altar (literally). 
The church facility has more value than the people and requires much attention, funds, and maintenance to maintain that I do not find noble. They neglect helping those in need among them. And the Pastor requests a nice salary to hide behind the excuse of full time ministry.
Sermons are watered-down and out of touch with the situations today. Their congregates are blind to the conditions threatening their faith and lives.
Many churches are ecumenical and compatible with the world and with world religion.
Some Pastors find it flattering to be recognized by municipalities and to hold hands with dignitaries. Friends with the world is emnity against God.
Pastors teach obedience to corrupt government by false interpretation and hold to Romans 13. Ignoring the abuses, trauma, and Secret Society influences. Many actually applaud Freemason leadership.

~ Jim Duke.