Deborah’s Testimony.

For me, I wasn’t sure what to call myself as I was being convicted to draw in closer to my Savior, Jesus. I no longer wanted to be called a Christian, as most of the world refer to themselves as “Christian,” including cults like Catholicism, Mormans, Seventh Day Adventist, and Jehovah Witnesses just to name a few that do not follow the Authorized Bible, but religion and their cult leaders. Satan sprinkles a little truth among all the religious lies being told by the vain doctrine and traditions of men.
I just had this deep urge to come out from them, and follow Jesus, leaving behind the teachings from the imaginations of men’s hearts. I quit being a “Christian” so that I could better SERVE  and follow Jesus. I just wanted Him-because His way seemed the only way, not man’s religion and their unholy pagan ways that seemed to look and feel like the world.
The term “Christian” means “Christ-like,” and that doesn’t describe me. Sure, I want to be “Christ-like” but no matter how hard I try, I’m not. I am broken, imperfect, flawed…to the core of my being. My flesh fails me everyday.
Jesus is EVERYTHING, I am not, but everything I strive to be. So, if I’m to be completely honest, for me to call myself a Christian would be dishonest. As I am no where near Christ-like.
Probably a more accurate way to use the term would be to say that “I am trying to become Christ-like,” ONLY WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT’S WORK IN ME, for I can do nothing without Him as He is refining me, to be more Christ-like. But to say I’m  already there? I’m not. Anytime I can get just one small area of my life to actually be Christ-like, I celebrate as i Iook over my shoulder and see 19 other areas of my life that are totally not-like-Christ.
The term “Jesus Follower” seems entirely more accurate and appropriate, for me. When you’re following someone, it’s because you can’t get there on your own. I’m happy to simply be on the path in the direction of Jesus as I obey Him, not religion and religious righteousness. 
Second, the term “follower” implies that I am attempting to do something. I so desperately want to follow the ways Jesus left as an example. But, I fail more than I succeed, which proves even more that the title of “Christian” would be completely inaccurate for me to own.
When I was sitting on death row in the 501c3 government run “church” buildings,  I missed out in getting to know the true Jesus of the Bible. I missed a whole lot in Scripture, as I didn’t know who Israel was, or who the synagogue of satan was, i didn’t know what the heavenly Jerusalem was. I have to admit, I didn’t know very much. More importantly I didn’t know the TRUE JESUS of the Bible. I was being fed from the imaginations of a man’s heart, at the pulpit, instead of at the feet of Jesus.
Once the Holy Spirit reorientated my life around Jesus, I started to pay attention to what He said and take it much more seriously. As a Jesus follower, His Word becomes the lifeblood of faith and the compass for daily life. I see the Scripture through the filter of the life, teaching, and example of Jesus. GLORY TO THE SHEPHERD KING!!!! 💖

~ Deborah Gillette.