Paul Rapoza wrote and I agree…

In one sense a denomination is a group of believers who believe (are living in a mindset) that they have arrived at a place of perfection in doctrine and formation so much that they are no longer able to be corrected by the Holy Spirit using those inside or outside their own network – ultimately arriving at that place where they are convinced of the superior or even exclusive status of their church. Even an independent singular gathering can fall into the condition of denominationalism. I once put that concept into a tract called:


A condition where a “body” of believers has built up immunity to beneficial changes and corrections by the Holy Spirit. Because that “body” is infected with this disease and there is a risk of infecting others, it by necessity must be isolated from the rest of the Lord’s assembly.

The Body of Christ is being formed into the image and likeness of Christ Himself – the Word of God. A habitation for God on earth ruled by Heaven.

A denomination ultimately forms into the image and likeness of it’s founder(s) and his/their doctrines. A habitation of a familiar spirit that craves for the attention of men as God.

Men are proud of their denominations. God says:
“That which is highly esteemed in the sight of men is an abomination to God.”

We should be very careful because most denominations started as a correction or a demonstration to the Body but became myopic in their own understandings by making that revelation exclusively their own apart from the rest of the Body it was intended for.