I hope we can handle this one;

Let’s stop deceiving ourselves by saying “my own building or mansion in heaven is finer or bigger…”, God is not busy with bulldozers and caterpillars in heaven building anything!

There are no physical/literal “mansions” in heaven! YOU and I are the many MANsions(rooms) Christ was talking about! And he went to prepare a place for us on the CROSS, so that where He is(in the father) , we can be also(in the father)! We are the MANsions/rooms and Christ is the FATHER’S HOUSE; we are the many rooms(mansions) in Him(the father’s house).

Now, what I’m declaring here is not for ‘everybody’, its for those who can finetune into the Spirit of the WORD!

You are the Church! You are the MANsion (MANzion) in his father’s house! You are the Temple of God tabernacled in a human flesh!
I shall do an exposition on Jn. 14 in the near future for clearer understanding of what I’m declaring.

Over the years, I’ve heard some CHRISTIANS who claimed they have been to heaven say that they saw different types of MANSIONS in heaven; some even “testified” they saw the mansions of some popular anointed men of God in heaven, that they have bigger mansions! This is another world wide doctrinal error which has been stored up in the figment of almost all believers’ imagination, used to explain or confirm a spiritual reality; very soon, some would claim they went to heaven and come back to sell CDs, celluloids and also show on YouTube of how they were welcomed by the 4 living creatures and the 24 elders in heaven, because unknown to them, many THINGS in the book of revelation are not literal but figures shown to John in a VISION to explain spiritual realities to him!

Those who have been mentally configured into the rapture syndrome of living forever in some NONE EXISTING mansions in heaven should understand that there shouldn’t be any need for a NEW EARTH if what they believe is true!

For those who care to know, we are going to be with God and His Lamb forever in the NEW EARTH after the unrighteous have been CAUGHT OFF from the earth. Please study Rev. 21:1-8, Isa. 65, Jn. 14, PS. 37:27-29.

John, in all the vision that was shown to him never wrote about seeing any mansion in heaven.
None of the apostles later talked about any mansion in heaven because it later dawned on them what Christ was trying to tell them.

In 1Cor., when Paul was CAUGHT UP to heaven, he didn’t come back to say he saw mansions in heaven; even after 14 yrs he had this heavenly experience, he didn’t come back to sell CDs or come on YouTube to start marketing, he never came back to start preaching some unnecessary and fearful legalistic messages about heaven and hell, even though heaven is real!

I prefer to examine Paul’s version of heavenly experience than some CD selling marketvangelists because of authenticity.
Don’t blame me, in my 22yrs in the ministry, I’ve seen and heard all kinds of stuff!

~ Afolabi Dollars