Have you ever seen a black angel before?

Have you ever seen a white devil before?

Angels are white… Demons are black. 😒

The angels that appeared in the churches in Pretoria weren’t black, they were white. πŸ˜‚

If religion doesn’t kill African people, African people will kill religion. Religion is anti-Africa.
Religion hates Africa. Religion demonized Africans. Most people in the West see Africa as a dark nation of witches and wizards. Chaiiii.

If you are African or have ties/bond with Africa, shun religion. Rebel against this monster by embracing true Christianity which is based on the finished work of Christ.

Hold your ears πŸ‘‚… Listen….

Angels are SPIRITS – spirits don’t have physical body oh. Fools, learn… Spirits don’t have body… Anytime the Bible talked about angelic manifestation, those Angels appeared as human beings and looked like the people they appeared to hence the people didn’t run away at their appearance.

So if an angel wants to appear to me, the angel might even appear as a poor street boy looking for food or clothes…do you understand?

Hence you should be kind to strangers and the poor because angels choose to appear as poor people or strangers.

Any prophet who claims that winged white looking angels visited their church is a suspect. These prophets fool the people because of the ignorance of the people. These prophets make Africans inferior by confirming a false picture of white winged angels and black horned demons. This is the greatest attack on the identity of the black man, by fellow black men. This is worse than colonism. This is extreme humiliation.
I will never teach my son that demons are black and I will not teach him that angels are white females.

I will teach my son that angels are spirits but can take the nature of poor looking strangers – as the scriptures teach.

Religion is extremely anti-Africa. But African are used to chains – even the chains of religion.

Let’s weep!


~ Dr. Charles Awuzie