Every pastor goes to church with their brains hence WE don’t forget to collect tithes and offerings no matter how the Holy Spirit moved in the service.

If the Spirit likes, let Him slay us all under the anointing, we will still find strength to whisper into the microphone – “children of God, if you wake up from being slain under the anointing, please remember to sow a dangerous seed into the anointing in this atmosphere“. No matter how strong the anointing is in the house, we won’t forget ‘our money’. We use our brains. 😜

But we also ensure that our members abandon their brains before they enter the auditorium because if we both use our brains at the same time, the game will be over.

They must suspend their brains and we must retain ours.

Welcome to church – you won’t be needing your head.


~ Pastor Charles Awuzie