It is only THE TRUTH that can SET YOU FREE…

…”Fasting and Praying” CANNOT.

GOD said His people PERISH because of “LACK OF KNOWLEDGE” {Not KNOWING The TRUTH}, not because of “lack of fasting & praying”. Hosea 4:6

If what the devil is using to destroy you is IGNORANCE, you will only continue to “fast and pray” on the same matter all your life till you waste away.

Do not be IGNORANT {lack knowledge} of the devices of the devil ~ 2 Corinth 2:11.


You have to know the devices Satan is using to fight you in particular, and then avoid those devices via the help of The HolySpirit.

For example, if anger/fornication/greed, is the device Satan is using to destroy you and you keep “fasting and praying” but does not seek the HolySpirit to help you avoid anger/fornication/greed, you will be “fasting and praying” for nothing…

Matthew 12:43-45 ~ Your (body) house is “empty” when it is void of the HolySpirit.

And having The HolySpirit in you is beyond just speaking in tongues.
YOU BOTH MUST BE CONVERSING – He’ll speak, you will hear Him.

…If you’re praying and fasting for prosperity and you’re not doing any work, you’re only practising “Faith without Works” – DEAD!

GOD is not a magician!

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