We are not in the era of Grace….

We are in the Era of The Spirit.

You are either Led by the Law or Led by the Spirit. Galatians 5:18

The opposite of being led by the law is not being led by Grace, it is being led by the Spirit.

This is the Dispensation of the Spirit… It is the Spirit that reveals Christ and the Grace He brought.

If you are not operating under the Holy Spirit in this dispensation, you are under law and it doesn’t matter if you recite the epistles like you recite your national anthem.

This is the era of the Spirit. Every revelation taught about Grace was revealed by Him. It is not by our might, it is by The Spirit. It is not by our research, studies, intelligence – lest any man should boast, it is by the Spirit.

It is not by Paul’s letters alone, it is by the Spirit.

Those Grace ‘craze’ boys who don’t believe in the progressive work of the Holy Spirit in revealing Jesus to us in our time are living in a rebellious sin – rebellion against the Holy Spirit. My wife said to me through the inspiration of the Spirit that they are ignorant of the weight of what they are doing. They have allowed hero-worship to replace their reverence for the Holy Spirit. Watch them.

They are risking their soul in exchange for the exuberance that comes with the fresh discovery of the Pauline letters. I know because I have been there. You think you now know more than the Holy Spirit. You quote scriptures even to the voice of the Spirit. Fools who are arrogantly ignorant and ignorantly arrogant.

If you know them, ask them to repent from their rebellion against the Holy Spirit. Grace is revealed by the Spirit. The epistles are only true when the Holy Spirit breaths on them. Theology and doctrines shall fail. But the Spirit who has been there from the foundation of the earth will continue to reveal Christ even when our bibles are all burnt by the Antichrist.

We are not in the era of Grace….

We are in the Era of The Spirit.