The Mystery Of Iniquity Called Simony!

It reared its ugly head right in front of the first Apostles in the first church and it was met with a sharp rebuke.

Church history has it, that it continued in the Catholic Church but was not tolerated. The church frowned at it.

The church of England had it’s own fair share of it and had a way of dealing with anyone involved in it.

It wasn’t a noticeable feature of the Pentecostal movement that started about 1906 or so, until recently.

Today, it is considered one of the “biggest revelations” in the 21st century Pentecostal movement.

Almost every big player in the church has bought into it. Today, nobody seems to frown at it, let alone “kick” against it.

Those who weren’t involved in the past have jumped on the bandwagon. Of course it’s good for business, but not for the kingdom.

Those who felt initially uneasy about the idea have come to terms with it as “divine revelation” too.

The pulpit spills it out with much passion, the pews buy into it like it’s going out of fashion.

The early church saw it as a damnable heresy.

Today’s church sees it as a “divine revelation”

The early church called it “Simony”, because the idea was mooted by a man called Simon the sorcerer, who offered money to buy the gift of the Spirit from Peter.

Today’s church calls it “tapping into the anointing” with money.

The early church legislated against it, but the Pentecostals have done rascally to canonize it.

Simony, as it was popularly called, connotes the art of buying ecclesiastical power or office by offering money.

We saw Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8:14-23, offering money to Peter in exchange for the power of the Holy Spirit. O mine, Peter had never been so angry! He had never said more caustic words!

“Your money perish with you, because you think you could buy the gift of God with money”.

Today, the church has repackaged “Simony”, christined it “tapping into the anointing on the man of God” by offering money, and this is done with glee!

What Peter opposed with vehemence is what today’s preachers leverage on, to get into your pockets. You have been scammed sir!

We even take money to the altar during sermons “to tap into” “prophecies” , or to tap into testimonies . Today’s church runs by money, not by faith.

Today, in the process of “tapping into” we have “tapped out” of the truth.

The church has technically reduced God to money!

I’m sorry to submit to you that this church doesn’t know God, she knows mammon, the God of money!

You could forgive Simon the sorcerer because it was/and is common place to buy sorcery wits or magic from another sorcerer, with money. But how do you pardon a church that was told expressly from the get go, “freely you have received, freely give”.

Listen up friends! Any church that teaches that you could get to God through money is a fraud! That church has introduced you to another god in a clandestine manner.

Anybody asking you to “sow money” into an anointing has been inspired by sorcery, not the Spirit of God.

That everyone is doing it, doesn’t make it the truth.

Jesus said, “…and that which is highly exalted among men is an abomination to God ”

That the men you highly esteem in faith, are doing it doesn’t make it the gospel.

And the fact that someone hitherto epitomize Christ to you, doesn’t mean he couldn’t go wrong. Paul said “follow me AS I FOLLOW Christ”.

One time too many, the church has displayed it’s inordinate affection for money. The way all kinds of offerings are thrown in our faces is just a symptom of a church that is rooted in Mammon, not in Christ.

Money has redefined “success in life and ministry”. All the politicking, the justle for position and power are all about money.

Many men behind the pulpits themselves don’t know that “tapping into an anointing with money” has got it’s root in sorcery. They have been deceived and they go on deceiving others.

They have become preachers of “doctrines of demons” but they call it ” divine revelation”.

It is time to jump off this band-wagon of lies masquerading as the gospel. Friends, you could make that decision right now to stand for the truth. Right now! Yes! You! You could, without minding whose ox is gored! Of course that’s the only thing to stand for. That’s why you are in faith, to start with.

You have been exposed to the truth long enough. Free yourself, friend. Nobody is coming to the rescue. At this point you are your own rescue!

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free , but it may piss you off, first!