I remember listening to this particular gospel music whilst still growing up as a child _and praying it into my life_;

Igbeyin aiye mi ma je ko da bi ti Saulu (2x)
[The last state of my life don’t let it be like Saul’s]

O bere lati Oluwa
[He started with God]

O pari re s’ödö satani
[He ended it with Satan]

O nba Olorun sörö kele
[He was quietly talking with God]

Oya O wa lö nba Oku sörö
[Later, he began to talk with the spirit of the dead]

Igbeyin mi Oluwa, ma je ko da bi ti Saulu, Baba.
[Father! The last state of my life, don’t let it be like Saul’s]

Many “men of God” have ended (and are still ending) like Saul because they failed the “Matthew 4:8-9” test..

..Now, they have lost their souls and are vigorously hunting to win souls _who’ll join them in their lost state_ into the kingdom of darkness.

*But if they will CONFESS publicly and totally FORSAKE their evil ways, they’ll be forgiven*

Revelation 3:19
“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and REPENT.”

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