Harbie Fash Oye (on facebook) wrote;

All these pastors signing counter petition and I stand with Funke hashtag , how come we did not see a lot of I stand with Leah Sheribu . No one is talking about her ? I’m sure you would not mind if the girl renounced Christianity.

Let me guess ? God will fight for her ? We shall continue to pray for her release ? That’s what your answer would be?

But regarding Rev Funke Adejumo, prayer cannot work but action , but you refuse to put the same action to Leah Sharibu’case !

No wonder a lot of people are denouncing your religion.

You know why? you are standing with Rev Funke? It is you guys that turned her into a scammer ! She did it once in one church, suddenly you started inviting her to your church to do the same…

Double standards!

Many of you lack conscience and the fear of God whom you claimed you are serving?
Is your Christianity now a cult ? Only in a cult people follow each other blindly .

Let your Conscience be your Judge !

I am not surprised but disappointed

Yes ! Many of you are fraudsters and you know it!

Rev Funke Adejumo shares the money with you that’s why you want her to be coming to the UK.

Is UK heaven ? Why are you people counter signing? Because you don’t trust God to fight for you?

Sebi prayer is the MASTER KEY ?

So praying regarding this situation is a waste of time ?

I wonder those listening to you .

Go to Iraq or Somalia or even Afghanistan to preach , if this all about preaching . Nah ! You won’t o ! You have to come to the UK to milk your faithfuls dry !

Hirelings is what you are

I think you guys are suffering from misplaced priorities !

NB: This is not referring to all Pastors , however , if you are guilty Repent!

Let it Sink !

If you are a Pastor and you want to counter this post without playing the blackmailing or emotional game . Speak!



That was how their Ancestors stood with Barabbas. It’s in their DNA.

Then it was #IstandwithBarabbas

Now it is #IstandwithFunkeAdejumo

#GenerationOfVipers!!! #SMH