So I heard in the news today that Nigeria is not just playing host to the largest number of poor people in the world, but every passing second, six Nigerians fall below the poverty line.

This is simply mind-boggling! How do you reconcile this statistics in a country that parades 7 out of the 20 richest church owners in the world? How does it add up in a nation that parades the biggest and some of the most magnificent church buildings in the world?

Seriously Nigerians need to stop building church structures. It’s a waste of their scarce resources.

By now it should be clear to any discerning person that the multiplicity of church buildings in out society does not in any way translate to godliness. The more we multiply churches, the more corrupt and ungodly our society has become.

In any case, do we have have to be told that these structures don’t belong to Christ? these are business organizations disguising as the house of God. Many of them are pure one-man and family businesses.

They are a ruthless pyramid scheme. A case of “winners-take-all. They are conduit pipes to cater to the lusts and inordinate desires of a few men who sit at the pinnacle of their organizations.

Listen, the buildings are not yours! They don’t belong to Christ either! They belong to the owners and you aren’t one of them. They know themselves. Wake up friends!

You don’t need any gift of discernment to know this. With common sense you could decipher that only a few at the top are smiling to the bank, all in the name of Christ!

Read your Bible sir! The first church had a welfare structure that discouraged accumulation of wealth by a few. The Apostles didn’t sit on the money collected in their meetings and turn around to claim God was blessing them. No! They distributed to everyone as they had needs, so much so that none of the disciples had lack.

If this, or something close to it, is not happening in your church, I’m afraid it’s a business center, designed to cater to the need of a few. It has no resemblance to the first church.

Today, various denominations are in a frenzied competition to outdo one another in the number of new branches and church structures erected. Poor Nigerians are muzzled to undertake this with a false hope that they are building a house for God.

This is a fat lie. This is church without mercy. A church without mercy is fraud, it not the church of Christ.

The last thing the Nigerian christians need today is to build new church structures. We don’t need church buildings to serve God. The scriptures are clear that God doesn’t live in houses built with human hands (Acts 7:48, 17:24) .

Search your history sir, there was no single church building until about the 4th century After Christ ascension and there were believers who fellowshipped without them.

Whoever thinks church building is prime at a time like this is misguided. He has no clue what the church of Christ is. He may know the Bible from back to back but he knows next to nothing about the Jesus of the Bible.

By now it is obvious to anyone who cares to reason that the prosperity gospel bandied around in Africa is a hoax. For upwards of 3 decades that this gospel has taken over the landscape of the church, with all the paraphernalia of tithes, seed sowing and covenant givings, and with all the promise of open heavens, nigerians have only become poorer. But the church owners have grown richer.

See, let me say it the way it is, prosperity preachers are the only beneficiaries of the gospel they preach. And you are the victim. They know enough scriptures to sell lies to you. And that’s what they have done over the years. And if you have eyes to see, the results are staring you in the face.

If you have money to buy a block or Dangote cement, don’t buy to erect another church building, it is not God’s house. Rather, buy to provide shelter for the homeless. Use to build a small business for someone. it is high time we stopped building structures and started building people.

It’s bad enough that successive governments over the years have done a lot to impoverish Nigerians, it will be rather unfortunate not to find relief and solid welfare in the church.

I know many of my pastors friends will not like me for this. But it is, what it is. Church without mercy is fraud!

“Plato is my friend. Aristotle is my friend. But my greatest friend is the truth”.

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. But it may unsettle you first!